The following list presents every CIP associated with a Celo fork. Celo is an EVM-compatible chain.

ForkCIP/EIPWhat it does
DonutCIP 25Adds Ed25519 precompile
DonutCIP 31 - copied from EIP-2539Adds precompile for BLS12-381 curve operations
DonutCIP 30 - copied from EIP-2539Adds precompile for BLS12-377 curve operations
DonutCIP 20Adds extensible hash function precompile
DonutCIP 21Adds governable lookback window
DonutCIP 22Upgrades epoch SNARK data
DonutCIP 26Adds precompile to return BLS pubkey of given validator
DonutCIP 28Splits etherbase into separate addresses
DonutCIP 35Adds support for Ethereum-compatible transactions
EspressoEIP 2565Defines gas cost of ModExp precompile
EspressoCIP 48 - modified from EIP 2929Gas repricing
EspressoEIP 2718Introduces typed transaction envelope
EspressoEIP 2930Introduces optional access lists
EspressoCIP 42 - modified from EIP 1559Fee market changes
EspressoEIP 3529Reduction in gas refunds
EspressoEIP 3541Rejects deployment of contract code starting with the 0xEF byte
EspressoCIP 43Incorporates Block Context
EspressoCIP 47Modifies round change timeout formula
EspressoCIP 45Modifies transaction fee check
EspressoCIP 50Makes replay protection optional