(Not So) Smart Pallets

This repository contains examples of common Substrate pallet vulnerabilities. Use Not So Smart Pallets to learn about Substrate vulnerabilities, as a reference when performing security reviews, and as a benchmark for security and analysis tools.


Each Not So Smart Pallet includes a standard set of information:

  • Description of the vulnerability type
  • Attack scenarios to exploit the vulnerability
  • Recommendations to eliminate or mitigate the vulnerability
  • A mock pallet that exhibits the flaw
  • References to third-party resources with more information


Not So Smart PalletDescription
Arithmetic overflowInteger overflow due to incorrect use of arithmetic operators
Don't panic!System panics create a potential DoS attack vector
Weights and feesIncorrect weight calculations can create a potential DoS attack vector
Verify firstVerify first, write last
Unsigned transaction validationInsufficient validation of unsigned transactions
Bad randomnessUnsafe sources of randomness in Substrate
Bad originIncorrect use of call origin can lead to bypassing access controls


These examples are developed and maintained by Trail of Bits.

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