Manticore Tutorial

The aim of this tutorial is to show how to use Manticore to automatically find bugs in smart contracts.

The first part introduces a set of the basic features of Manticore: running under Manticore and manipulating smart contracts through API, getting throwing path, adding constraints. The second part is exercise to solve.

Table of contents:

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Manticore requires >= python 3.6. It can be installed through pip or using docker.

Manticore through docker

docker pull trailofbits/eth-security-toolbox
docker run -it -v "$PWD":/home/training trailofbits/eth-security-toolbox

The last command runs eth-security-toolbox in a docker that has access to your current directory. You can change the files from your host, and run the tools on the files from the docker

Inside docker, run:

solc-select 0.5.11
cd /home/trufflecon/

Manticore through pip

pip3 install --user manticore

solc 0.5.11 is recommended.

Running a script

To run a python script with python 3: